Q: What is an umbrella insurance policy, and under what circumstances should I have one?

A: An umbrella policy is extra liability insurance that protects you if you are sued. Homeowners and auto policies offer personal liability coverage, but most people only carry the minimum required by their state, typically $10,000 to $100,000.

In the rare event someone was hurt on your property or you caused injury to another, say, in an auto accident, you'd could be on the hook for much more.

Umbrella insurance is important if you own a small business or practice or otherwise have a high risk of personal injury suits (say, you host alot of guests). 

Umbrella insurance protects your financial assets, savings, and future earnings from lawsuits.

Policies vary in premium (ex. $300-600 annually) with $1 million increments in coverage.

Umbrella Insurance
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